Our unique facilities

We know that young children thrive in an environment that is secure and supportive of their needs.

Our grade II listed buildings and the 5 acres of grounds provide the perfect setting for all of a developing child’s nursery needs.

Rainbow has been specifically designed to make the most of a young child’s exciting journey of discovery and, because of the space that we have, we provide the extras such as our own farm, children’s allotments, a large sensory room, a double-decker play bus, a maze, soft-surface outdoor play spaces, and so on.

The needs of babies are quite different from those of young children; which is why, at Rainbow, we choose to have a separate building for under two’s.

The four homerooms in the Nursery – each with its own nappy changing quarters – are designed to cater for the different stages of development: babies, crawlers, cruisers, and toddlers.

Once they are ready, our toddlers ‘graduate’ to our Little School. Each of the five homerooms in Little School is equipped with advanced learning aids and toys appropriate for the age and development stage of the children in that room.

Whatever the requirements – Nursery or Little School – we will be delighted to discuss your child’s future needs in detail.