Egham Day Nursery

As parents our children are our number one priority so we always look for the best ways to take care of them. Day Nursery Egham understands how special your children are to you and provides an amazing environment for their holistic development and care. Whether your child is a few months old, a toddler, or a child approaching school age, you will have absolutely no worries leaving your child with us.

Our child care facilities are specifically aimed towards ensuring that each little person coming to our premises enjoys every second of their stay with us. Our highly trained, qualified and checked staff are always available to tend to your little one’s needs and ensure that they spend their day doing new and exciting things. Growing up is a wonderful experience and it needs to be filled with fun and education. Keeping this goal in mind, Egham Day Nursery not only has a variety of activity rooms and outdoor safe all-weather play areas but we also engage your children in interactive and learning sessions so that they are healthier and brighter with every passing day with us. At such an important stage of your child’s life we strike the perfect balance between enjoyment and personality development.

Egham Day Nursery is well-equipped to cater for the needs of children of all age groups. We have customised divisions in our nursery to carefully walk your child through the  different stages of their development. Babies, cruisers, crawlers, and toddlers, all can find a comfortable space in our nursery. Since these are extremely crucial years in a child’s life we take special care to ensure that no stone is left unturned in giving them a fun-filled childhood at Day Nursery Egham.

Our curriculum has been meticulously designed by experts to enable us to produce confident, caring and smart little people who are ready to take up new challenges in life. Therefore once you leave your child in our care, you can relax and be assured that every aspect of his life and persona will be under constant care and guidance of our eminent staff. The highlight of our nursery is the plethora of options that your child is able to explore. Our thrilling games, natural environment with the farm, children’s allotment, playgrounds and a unique sensory room add up to an exhilarating experience for your special ones. Our intention is to provide ample space for them to work on their creativity and imagination as well as enhance any skills they have or any interests that they may wish to explore.

At Egham Day Nursery, we encourage parents to visit and suggest innovative techniques and areas that they would like us to incorporate. This goes a long way in making you feel as involved as we are in shaping your child’s first few years. These unparalleled services make us one of the best in our area.

Growing up was never as fun before! So allow your child to be a part of this extraordinary journey and let us make their childhood a beautiful memory.  All you need to do is give us a call and drop us a message and we will only be happy to help you.